ysl black opium raspberry rouge

ysl black opium raspberry rougeysl black opium raspberry rougeysl black opium raspberry rougeysl black opium raspberry rougeysl black opium raspberry rouge Wearing: Zoe Jordan dress, Nike shoes.

Once upon a time in New York City… Imagine a fire-escape, a sundown and amazing views. Everything is there, the ultimate recipe for a successful night. The last rays of sunlight before we disappear into the night. Wearing not much more than intense make-up, a long peek-a-boo dress, comfortable sneakers and my new iconic fragrance. For me YSL Beauty’s updated “Black Opium” Eau de Toilette embodies everything what the powerful women stands for nowadays: the base of black coffee stands for strength, the hint of fresh flowers mixes adrenaline and femininity. It’s a fragrance with attitude, a rock-n-roll interpretation of the new classic. Combining that bit of edge, carefreeness and adventurousness. When I think of this fragrance I think of a woman who knows who she is and what she wants, being impulsive and always on the move. A city girl, matching the urban rhythm to spontaneity. It’s the girl I perhaps aspire to be, the girl I try to embody in this editorial. Recently I found this quote, and I think it says everything I want to say:
“They say I dream too big, I say they think too small.”
Nothing is out of our reach, as long as we’re really prepared to work for it. Dream about it, think it through and make it happen! A lot of things are easier said than done, but when you never start, you will surely never finish it either. Yesterday we celebrated all of this at the exclusive YSL Black Opium Experience party in Amsterdam. For more info about the product or to see images of the event, please check out this link.
This post was created in collaboration with IMA.

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