A couple of months ago I attended Copenhagen Fashion Week, as you might know. I have been working with a bunch of Danish brands over the past few years – and one of the first ones to invite me to their show was Designer’s Remix. Now I love this brand for many reasons, and figured it was time to give you some insights on the what and why. Designers Remix is a Danish clothing brand that was founded by Charlotte and Niels Eskildsen in 2002. They have grown to be extremely successful and is available to consumers in over 400 stores across Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East! The brand primarily focuses on the female market and aims to make sophisticated feminine clothing that make women look beautiful and feel powerful. Today, Designers Remix is one of the most recognised Danish brands and have had a major impact on the sustainability sector of the fashion industry. 

Designers Remix
Copenhagen streetstyle

“Make women look beautiful and feel powerful”

Copenhagen streetstyle Designers Remix

Sustainable fashion is most commonly known as part of the movement towards environmental sustainability within the fashion industry. Before it became a concept, it was never in high demand until recent studies showed the detrimental impact the fast-fashion industry was having on the environment. The increasing awareness on the subject allowed brands to become more conscious. In fact, Designers Remix has grown to become one of the most eco – friendly brands within the industry due to their strong focus on sustainability. Charlotte Eskilden aims to create timeless pieces that women can wear for decades and are therefore able to minimise the mass production of clothes.

Before sustainability became a concept, Designers Remix was already using high tech fabrics not for sustainable reasons but because they felt the clothes were made better in regards to appearance and quality. After realising the positive affect they were having on the environment and how it influenced other brands, they started incorporating sustainable practices throughout their product development process. Designers Remix currently only use recycled and biodegradable materials to produce affordable and trendy garments. 

I absolutely support the sustainability movement because it is extremely important to combat the amount fabrics that are trashing the environment and our oceans. Most fast-fashion clothing consists of non-biodegradable materials that contain harmful chemicals and are hazardous to both humans as well as wildlife. Brands like Designers Remix are very inspiring and have a huge impact on changing the fashion industry to become eco – friendly. It is important that sustainable clothing is affordable to all instead of just the upper middle class so that we can really make a difference. I hope to see more brands get involved and produce trendy, durable clothing that are made from recycled materials. 

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