rebecca laureybig sur

No other word describes it better than paradise. I’ve always wanted to visit Big Sur, I’ve seen in in the magazine and on Instagram multiple times. So many people told me it’s a must-see whenever in California, but we never got around to driving up there until our last visit. It’s out of this world, someone told me, you’ve never seen a magical place like this before. And I must agree, it’s been a treat driving up the Californian coast between Los Angeles and San Fransisco. I can truly recommend going there if you ever have the opportunity. Staying in a hotel can be quite pricey, so I’d recommend booking a hotel in Carmel or Monterey, not far from Big Sur but definitely more reasonably priced. The same goed for the restaurants. A 20-minute drive extra will get you to an equally good place for half the money. Or bring a picknick, even better. On our second day in Big Sur we really took the time to stop along the way an capture what we we’re seeing. I’m not sharing all those pics, just my two favorites from the selection. I think it really shows what I loved so much, and why you should definitely go yourself! Happy Sunday lovelies, hope you have a good one!


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