When I visiting Copenhagen during Fashion Week last winter, I took the opportunity to spend the day at this historical landmark. Museums have always been such an important factor in my life, especially because I work in the fashion industry and its interesting to learn about art movements that shaped our society today. I wrote a little piece on Glyptotek in my previous post on Copenhagen, but I’d really like to get into why museums like this one are so inspiring to me. 

“Museums have always been such an important factor in my life”

Let’s start with a little background info: The NY Carlsberg Glyptotek Museum is an art museum in the centre of Copenhagen and was founded by an art collector known as Carl Jacobsen. The museum is primarily focused on sculpture from ancient cultures that originated in Greece, Egypt, Rome as well as modern pieces from France. It later expanded its collection of paintings from art movements such as French Impressionist, Post Impressionism, the Danish Golden Age paintings, and European art pieces from the Neoclassicists movement. Glyptotek has a standard collection that the public can visit all year round, but the museum also holds temporary exhibitions based on different art movements, fashion and design. It’s a beautiful building and has a scenic location, so if you ever visit Copenhagen I definitely recommend you indulge in the art history of this city. 

I grew up in The Netherlands, which is a country with a mighty rich history and hundreds of museums. There are many different types that you can visit, including museums that primarily focus on art, fashion, interior design, historical architecture, biodiversity, and much more. Dutch people are known for their creativity and some of the most famous names in the art industry actually come from Holland, including van Gogh and Rembrandt. Being around all this culture has allowed me to appreciate things like different art forms, history and how it shapes our society today. It has become part of who I am and therefore I love visiting other museums to learn about their history and culture. 

Exhibitions and museums are an important part of a community because it helps us understand our common societal issues. Understanding our history serves as a reminder of past mistakes and how to prevent them from happening in our future. Museums are part of the country’s representation of pride, in which we can advocate for all of our achievements. They create an interactive platform where people can come together and engage in discussion whilst interpreting pieces of art. There are a many different types of museums, but each represent a certain country, a certain time period and people from that time period. Glyptotek represents Denmark’s capital Copenhagen, and it was amazing to learn about Danish art culture and how they came to be what they are today. 

Coat by Stella McCartney, Tibi Boots, Boyy Bag, Dress by Morten Ussing.

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