Balenciaga Logomania sweater

Logomania has returned to the scene in a major way and I’m all here for it. The term describes the trend of brand names that are plastered across clothing items and accessories. It became a hype during the 80’s and was at its peak in the 90’s, until society decided it wasn’t cool anymore and went into a minimalist phase.

It wasn’t until recently that sports brands, such as Fila and Champion, brought the logo craze back to the fast fashion industry by putting their brand names on their products. In fact, luxury clothing brands also use the trend as a marketing tool, which is particularly effective when the name on the product is viewable. Consumers tend to be attracted to brand logos because it represents wealth and status. Calvin Klein, Gucci, and Balenciaga are just to name a few whom have enforced this trend for decades, even when it wasn’t a hype. Their collections consists of mainly products that possess the logo quality and are typically in high demand throughout the year. These products include shirts, sweaters, shoes, bags, accessories and even underwear.

I’ve always supported the logomania trend and I believe it’s here to stay – at least for a while. Working in the fashion industry gives me the fortunate opportunity to work with amazing designer brands, and therefore I pride myself in wearing those particular brand logos. How do you feel about brand logos on fashion items?

Balenciaga top (via The Webster), Closed jeans, Jenny Bird earrings, Missoma necklaceChloé Necklace

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