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Ganni dress / Levi’s jacket / Converse shoes / Meli Melo bag


The past few weeks have been pretty great and exactly what I needed. After traveling non-stop for 6 months I really needed a little break to get everything back on track with my business and personal life. I can’t even explain how excited I am to say “I’ll be there!” or “I’m available on that date next month” and actually go and see my friends and family because I’m here. I’m around to hang out with my favorite people in this world and that means so much! I love traveling, I love my job, but in the end there is so much more in life than that. Because if everything I’m doing starts to fail somehow or for some reason, that is what is left. My support system! And with everything that’s happening in the world right now I think we should be aware of what we have and cherish that, because life is short! And for some people unfortunately way shorter than they thought it would or should be. I don’t want to go in to that too deep because this space is not really for political discussions, I want this to be a happy place, but at the same time it’s not something I can ignore entirely.

And why I love Amsterdam, apart from all the obvious reasons, is exactly because of what I mentioned above. For me Amsterdam equals home and all the people that belong to my little world out there. It means quality time, and that, stating the obvious here, is the best time. My time back here has completely re-energized and inspired me. Even more than my little holiday in Sicily did perhaps. I think it’s probably the combo that made me get to this really good place I am in right now. Sometimes the simple things are the ones that can give you a piece of mind. Stability, structure and all of that. Stoked for the next few months and all the exciting projects I have coming up both work wise and privately. It’s gonna be one crazy ride but I don’t think I’ve ever been more ready so let’s go rock this baby.




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