reiss white suitreiss white suitbo kaapreiss white suitreiss leopard bagreiss white suitreiss white suitreiss white suitreiss white suitreiss white suitreiss white suitWearing: and (I got the white suit pants a size up for a more slouchy look), H&M bralette (similar ), , , .


Cape Town, South Africa… We knew it was pretty, loads of beautiful colors like the deep turqoise of the ocean. Or the golden sunsets, the crisp white colonial British houses and sandy beaches. But this bright? When I was scouting for locations to shoot at (as we say in Holland: a good start is half of the work), it was quite obvious we had to go to Bo Kaap. I was googling images of the city for inspiration, because you never know what you’re gonna find when you’re actually out there. Preparing yourself is a must when you want to save time working while you are, for example, on holiday – like I was. I’ve been in Cape Town three times before, but somehow didn’t go over to this neighborhood on my previous visits. Shooting here was a tough one though, because for one the colours are that bright you cannot shoot during the day (hello sun!), so we’d have to get up a 6AM to beat the light. And two: the tourists. When we finished shooting at 8 AM the first groups already starting flowing in. And we were shooting in front of other people’s houses, so you don’t want to bug the residents for too long with your poses anyway. Fortunately, we made it and this is the result. I love how the white suit works with those colors, it makes all the research I did beforehand really worthwhile. This way I allow both myself and my photographer to be more creative and seize the moment while we’re on ‘set’. No more running around looking for the right spot and the right sort of lighting. I guess it’s something I knew before, I learned as much in university, but somehow I didn’t really apply this to my current job being a fashion blogger. It’s so much fun thinking of concepts like this – curious if this is an approach you’d consider using?! These pics are the first part of my collaboration with for both their and mine. The second outfit will be live soon!

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