white swimsuit croatiawhite swimsuit croatiawhite swimsuit Wearing: ASOS bathing suitRay-Ban sunglassesLack of Color hat.


Taking the plunge in a white bathing suit can be quite tricky. I must admit not everything stays in place when I jump into the ocean, wearing a swimsuit like the one above. Could be me being clumsy, could be the fact that these swimsuits are more for sunbathing and Instagrams than anything else. The lengths we go for a good pic! This was shot on one of our first days in Croatia. My tan was nowhere to be seen, but I decided I didn’t really care about that. We all have to start somewhere! And I don’t really like sunbathing anyway, for one because it’s bad for my skin, but also because I’m simply to restless to do so. I do enjoy my time at the beach though, or on the rocks like here, going in and out of the water or frolicking on the seaside snapping a bunch of pics. I also brought a bunch of books to read, unfortunately those remain unread up until now. What do you guys do at the beach? Patient enough to lay down for a sec? Tell me!


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