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fashion blogger londonWearing: Kenzo sweater dress, Ganni dress, Tommy Hilfiger boots via Omoda.

When it comes to packing for fashion week, I guess everyone has different tactics. Although I do not know what works for you and your personality, I do know what works for me! But this time around I didn’t really do much planning, so not much of a tactic to share here. I will, however, share what I did to “survive” those two I’ve attended so far. Since I arrived in New York 3 weeks before the actual fashion week was happening, I didn’t think about what clothing and shoes to bring too much before I left. With the shows coming closer and closer, I panicked and ordered a couple of pairs of heels. Just in case. And thankfully so, because they came in good use throughout the week – especially when attending parties. For London I decided to do it differently, like always, I pack different things for each city I visit. I didn’t really feel like bringing out all the guns for #LFW, since I feel London is slightly more casual. Sneakers and boots are very OK to wear to the shows. And so I did. But obviously my oldies wouldn’t suffice, so I got myself 2 new pairs of black boots (always work, no excuse needed) and a new pair of sneakers (no explanation necessary) at Omoda – I’ll show you more over the coming couple of weeks. Omoda is a new discovery of mine actually, and such a good one at the same time. A big collection full of more casual, but also dressy shoes to survive whatever activities or occasions you need to attend to. And they’re fast! With only 2 days back in Amsterdam after New York, I needed to make the most of my time and it’s good to know you can trust on certain companies to make it work for you.

Find the flashy Tommy Hilfiger boots I wore on my second day in London here.

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