rebecca laurey white dress
rebecca laurey white dressrebecca laurey white dressrebecca laurey white dressrebecca laurey white dressrebecca laurey white dress

I never thought I would be wearing so much white in my outfits. I was more an all-black kinda girl. I guess you have to dare to wear all white, because for one it’s more “out there” than black or grey, and two, this definitely applies to me, harder to keep clean. But that’s not a good enough reason for me not to wear it anyway, so I do. Beyond my wedding day, for sure! Speaking of, I think timing wise this post is perfect, since I just celebrated my very first wedding anniversary in New York. And those of you who’ve been following me for a while, might know I got married in a white Self Portrait dress too. The one I wore on my big day was not like this one a white maxi dress, it was shorter and without sleeves (see here).

The look was shot back in February, just after fashion week. I was planning on wearing the white maxi dress to one of the shows, but it was just too damn cold to really show it off properly. With a dress like this you don’t want to hide those fab sleeves now do you? I think it deserves our full attention, and thus I shot the dress in Central Park on a slightly warmer day without a jacket. I think it’s perfectly fine to wear white beyond your wedding day or before Memorial Day. We should wear whatever we feel like whenever we feel like it. Don’t you agree?

PS. Dutchies: fijne Bevrijdingsdag! Hoe lucky zijn we dat we nu in een vrij land leven?

Self Portrait white maxi dress / Ganni shoes




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