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These vintage Levi’s 501 shorts deserve a post on their own. And I’ll tell you why! Let’s rewind to 5 years ago: I just started blogging, pretty randomly, and was searching for cool content to post on my site. I started it as a hobby project, next to the fulltime job I had back then. I did a little inspiration post because Coachella was about to come up. Inspired by Kate Bosworth who was wearing a shirt with the American flag printed on it, I did a little who wore it best kinda post. I ask some of you guys, who followed me back then, what I should wear if I was to go to the festival myself. The shirt with the American flag on it, or shorts with the same flag. I did a little “contest” and the results overwhelmingly pointed out the shorts as the big winner. Obviously I didn’t really go to Coachella back then, but guess who did a few years later?

I’ve been wanting to go for such a long time, I know it might be silly, but I’m so happy I got to experience it this year. Already can’t wait for next year! So, just before heading out to the desert this year, I was doing some vintage shopping on Melrose Avenue in LA. I was basically looking for something – anything – to wear during Coachella since I didn’t plan my outfits at all. And then, I guess it’s faith, I bumped into these shorts. The shorts I “wanted” to wear for Coachella years ago, right before I actually finally was going. So I grabbed them from the rack, checked the size and was hoping so hard they would fit. And I guess they did. So here they are, my favorite type of shorts (Levi’s 501), vintage, customized – perfect festival wear. SO this post it dedicated to myself, 5 years ago, because we finally did it. Me and the shorts, at Coachella, yay!!

You can get your pair of 501 shorts in the store (or online) now! They released a line based on the cut of these vintage ones but with an updated fit. Stay tuned for a post with those out here very soon!

Vintage Levi’s 501 shorts / Levi’s t-shirt / Converse shoes / Ray-Ban sunglasses

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