When I started blogging, I had little to no experience on how to actually write a proper blog post. People underestimate how tough blogging can be at times, not that I’m complaining though. It definitely takes a little bit of practice before you’ll be completely comfortable writing a post. I’ve compiled a couple of handy blogging tips that I’ve learned from my experience so far being a blogger and hopefully I can inspire you to start your own blog!


1.Write for yourself and no one else 
One of the most important tips is to remember that this is your platform and you should stay true to your voice. Write about your passions and things that inspire you. Cover current topics that you feel your audience would like to read about, but write them from your point of view. The fashion blogging scene is extremely competitive and in order to differentiate your blog from the rest you need to add personality through your writing. Once you stop worrying about whether people will appreciate your post or not, you’re blogging experience will be a lot more enjoyable.

2. Writing Style
I’m a very structured person – or a “perfectionist” if you will. I would always write word for word, sentence per sentence and they all had to be complete before I could move on to my next thought. Although this quality has really helped me write my academic essays, it is not the way to go when writing a blog post. The great thing about blogging is that there are no guidelines when it comes to structure and it is a creative space to practice your own unique writing style. The best way to go about starting a post is to define your topic and then freely write whatever thoughts come to mind without paying attention to sentence structure or grammar. Once you’ve jotted all your ideas down, you’ll know what you want to work with and have a finished blog post in no time.

3.Know Your Audience
Think about your ideal reader so that you can figure out what your audience seek in your blog posts. Start by analysing factors such as particular interests and needs – what type of person would you like to read your posts? Another way to figure out who your audience is, is to focus on what YOU would like to read. You can also look at other blogs that you like to see how their audience responds. Another important thing is to show some love to your already existing readers. As a blogger, new engagement and gaining a larger following are always factors we strive for, however it is important not to forget about the readers who have created a base for your platform and have been loyal to you from the beginning.

4.Be consistent!
Consistency is key when it comes to blogging. Once your blog has a base, it is important to remain active and supply your readers needs. If you only blog once in a while or plenty at one time and then nothing at all, you will lose your engagement with your audience which can be detrimental to your blog. Not every post has to be super lengthy, sometimes even a quote that you love or a little update on life is already enough!

5. Be creative and provide a unique angle
I’m extremely fortunate to always be on the go and travel to amazing destinations. I take his opportunity to write about these places and my experiences on these trips, which is the unique angle for my blog. Not everyone gets to travel all the time, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating an amazing blog! Make use of what you have and the current situation your in. For example; if you’re a student in Amsterdam, you can use that as a unique angle for your blog and talk about your personal journey. There is a huge demand for international people who are potentially looking to study in Amsterdam and can look up to your blog. If you love to cook and bake, start a yummy food blog! You catch my drift.

The best advice I can give you is that if you’re ready to start a blog, really put your all into it and you will achieve amazing things. 

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