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I have never been very keen on playing games of any sort, because for one: I hate to lose. But there was one game I did play when I was younger, perhaps a prelude to my current life, and that’s (it doesn’t really have a name I think) “if I travel I bring with me”. It comes down to remembering what everyone in the group you’re playing with “wants to bring when they travel”. Each person names an item that the next one needs to remember. And so on, until the list gets so long that one person forgets a certain item. Done, you loose.

So for old time’s sake, let’s play that game again. And now name what I bring with me when I travel, the beauty edition. I’ve been using more and more beauty products now I’ve finally started diving into the subject. I also have to because getting older my skin is not gonna get better by itself, but that’s another story. I’ve started to use products I never even thought of before like , specifically formulated to tone and tighten the skin on your neck and décolletage. Because we’d better prevent than treat no? It’s always important to hydrate and moisturize, but when you travel a lot even more so.  is designed to give you the flawless look of having “good genes.” This multi-tasking treatment plumps fine lines, improves circulation, brightens and evens tone, and helps to restore damaged skin – it can even be used as a mask. Win, win, win. does more or less the same for you at night.

Apart from hydration, cleansing is key. One doesn’t really go without the other. And when it comes to doing both when you travel, you should make it easy for yourself. I love using because of just that. Also, the travel friendly set is slightly textured to help remove impurities.   I see my hair as one of my fave “accessories” in my looks. So obviously I want to take care of it very well. I recently started using  to restore my hair to its natural luster, and to nourish, protect and restore my dehydrated locks. And it doesn’t hurt that they look super chic while at it! I recently read in the Dutch Vogue that scrubs are one of the most effective ways of targeting scalp issues and encouraging hair growth. So now I want to try that for myself, obviously, with . Last but not least: my nails. Very underestimated, I really need to take better care of them. Having  with me leaves me with no excuses. It strengthens brittle nails and hydrates even the driest cuticles. So there you go, now you know “what I bring with me when I travel”. Will you remember them all?



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