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Times Square. Either you love it or you hate it. I don’t think there’s an in-between with this one, or is there? I NEVER go to Times Square if I don’t have too, it’s too busy and hectic. But on those occasions, when I just come back from a meeting, it does make for a pretty picture, no? I love this Anine Bing dress I got back in New York, it works so well in any 70s look. For me it’ actually too short to wear as a dress but paired with flared jeans it works just as good. When I shot this back in February I had to wear a winter coat still (thrown over a bin just so I could shoot this look without it, sssst!), so happy I can start bringing those to the attic now. I need to figure out what I’m going to wear in this in-between period though, I have a bunch of options already (in that same attic), but I’m also looking for something new. What are you guys wearing these days? I know the camo coat and bomber jackets are making big comebacks, and I happily oblige to this one, but I’m also keen on finding other options. So suggestions very welcome!

Anine Bing dress / Citizens of Humanity jeans / Chloe sunglasses / Isabel Marant boots




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