Summer is officially here and it is time to spice up your wardrobe! It’s the season to splurge on dresses, skirts, sandals, floppy beach hats and anything floral. One particular accessory that we  cannot forget are a great pair of sunnies to complete your perfect summer look. As you’ve probably noticed; the cat – eye glasses have made a major comeback to the fashion scene. Everyone is wearing these feminine and flirty type of sunnies and I absolutely love it. However, another type of sunglasses that I wear all the time are ones with a round shape like everyone wore in the 70’s. 


Another promising trend that is up and coming is the headscarf accessory. You’ve probably seen them dominating our media platforms as a must have addition to the ultimate festival look this season. At first I didn’t think this particular trend would suit me as it seems a little tricky to master, although it is actually much easier than I initially thought. The great thing about this hair accessory is that there’s a million ways to style it and it’ll always look effortless. Not only does it look that way but actually requires very little effort. You could put your hair in a bun and wrap the scarf around it for a little extra touch to your overall look. Another popular way to style it s wrapped around a high (or low) ponytail with two of its ends dangling down. If you have thin hair or just don’t have a lot of it, this is an easy trick to fake a little more volume. Since I have medium length hair, I love to to wear the scarf over my hair and tied in the back. Accessories like these can really make or break your overall look and therefore I advice you to not be afraid to try new trends!

Tibi dress, Chloe sunglasses, Longchamp scarf, Zimmermann boots

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