As we are entering the last month of summer, this is our chance to take advantage of the warm weather, beautiful beaches and of course…cocktails! When I need a break from my hectic schedule, one thing I love to do when the weather is right is to spend the whole day by the pool. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of pool essentials that I feel are necessary to get the most out of your time in the sun.

Let’s start with the most important essential: sunscreen! My generation falls between the responsible people who know the science behind sunscreen and the ones who still believe the stigma that it slows down the tanning process and therefore is the enemy. Obviously this is false and you should ALWAYS put on sunscreen to protect yourself from skin cancer and premature ageing. The type of sunscreen really depends on your skin tone and how sensitive you are to the sun. Personally, I wear SPF 30 on my face and SPF 20 on my body.

Sunglasses are a major necessity when laying out by the pool. If I forget these, it could be enough for me to return right back where I came from. There’s no guarantee that you will be able to sit in the shade or under a parasol, and squinting all day can give you major wrinkles. Also, a good pair of sunnies can make for a great fashion statement, even in just a bathing suit.

To support the sustainability movement, I’ve recently started bringing my own metal straw everywhere I go. Many chain restaurants have started banning the use of plastic straws, but the smaller restaurants and bars are often ignorant to this cause. This little essential has a major positive impact on the environment and allows me to blissfully sip my cocktails by the poolside.

Since my job requires me to use technology all day, I like to take a break from all social media on my days off. Instead I like to spend my down time by the pool reading a good book which I’m sure many of you would not have guessed that I’m actually quite a bookworm. I don’t necessarily have a favourite book genre, as I tend to enjoy both fiction and non – fiction. However, I would have to say that when in doubt I always bring one of the classics to read.

When I’m not putting my nose in a book, I like to listen to music by the pool. If it’s a secluded area I bring my JBL bluetooth speakers and otherwise I use my earbuds (or I steal Ralph’s earpods). When I’m with him, he’s usually in charge of the music seeing as he’s a DJ and makes him really happy. I’ll listen to any music genre as long as it’s in tone with the relaxing vacation vibe. 

Celine sunglasses (Marta), Longchamp scarf


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