We may not have seen this one coming, but the hair bow trend has officially returned and I’m loving it. High fashion Brands including Chanel, Tory Burch and Prada have supported the hair bow trend which has been all over the runways recently and have received nothing but praise for the returning trend. Not much later, the hair bow hit the fast fashion stores and now you can find them everywhere. When I first discovered this accessory, it slowly but surely became a vital part of my wardrobe. Now I have a whole collection of bow ties which I wear all the time and everywhere. There are many different types of hair in regards to texture, length, colour, and thickness. Everyone has their personal preference for a particular haircut and the way they like to style hair accessories. I find this particular accessory practical, feminine, and there are so many gorgeous ways to style the hair bow. 

It can get super humid in New York and the hair bow has therefore become one of my go-to accessories when I have a frizzy hair day. It creates an effortless, elegant look that is super versatile with any type of outfit. I have shoulder length hair and I like to style this accessory a number of ways. Either I gather up my baby hairs and tie my hair back in a messy bun using the bow, or twirl it around a high ponytail atop my head and leave the flyaways be. Also, when I don’t have time to properly style my hair, the hair bow can be the ultimate lifesaver. The easiest style that requires zero effort is the half up half down: parting my hair in two and clipping the top part with the bow while letting the bottom half hang loose. The great thing about this accessory is that it comes in all shapes and sizes, along with numerous patterns, designs, and colours. I prefer the minimalistic kind such as the big black bow just because it’s a little more sophisticated and easier to style!

Dorothee Schumacher jacket, Nanushka pants, Hair bow via Amazon

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