Now that summer has (almost) arrived, it’s time to grab the skirts from the back of our closets and wear them with pride. A skirt is just one of those must-have items that every girl needs in their wardrobe. They come in a variety of lengths, shapes and colours as they adapt to each season. However, there are a couple of skirts that you can wear all year round, like the black pencil skirt for example. This yellow leather midi skirt by Tibi is also very versatile and one of my all time favourites, which says a lot because I own a fortress of skirts. I wear it primarily in Autumn and Spring because the leather material is slightly too hot for the humidity in New York and a little too open for the cold Winter months. Once the temperature is just right, however, it is the first thing I pull out of my wardrobe to celebrate the beginning of the warmer season.  A skirt can be worn in many different settings and it would still be appropriate, even more so than a dress in my opinion. Perhaps you could style a mini skirt to be a little flirty on a first date or an all -black ensemble for a business meeting; the options are endless. I absolutely love how the concept has a profound historical aspect behind it and how the skirt has adapted over time ever since it became a mainstream clothing item in the early 1960’s. The reason why I think a basic clothing item like a skirt could make such a powerful fashion statement is because it represents femininity and sophistication, which is exactly the type of woman I strive to be. 

Stine Goya coat, Tibi leather skirt, Nanushka shirt, Holzweiler white shirt, Acne shoes, Boyy bag

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