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Looking at these images you’ll probably be thinking “fashion week what?”, and that is exactly why I’m posting these images now. The madness started off yesterday and will keep on going for a mother week or so. Why not create some tranquility on this space, no? Everyone’s feed (at least of those in New York right now) will look the same for next couple of weeks, so let’s try to change things up a bit while we can. I have so many photos from Mexico left that I wanted to start sharing them with you guys asap. Some other projects will have to come in here and there but expect a good mix of content over the course of the coming month. You will see Mexico, New York and fashion week – in no specific order. Just to keep things interesting, while still having room for last-minute projects.

So the title of this post. What’s that all about? The importance of fashion week. I’m not the biggest fan, some of you might know that. But then again I do find it very necessary to show up on at least one of the big four. For me, this season, it’s all about New York. Now I’m partially living here I feel like I need to get myself out there. Support the designers that I love working with so much, discover new brands, expand my network (I always meet SO many new people during fashion week), mingle with the cool kids, get coverage on big website and in magazines through the street style pics. It’s all part of the game we’re playing. It’s a strategy of some sort, a way to show the best (styling wise) version of yourself to the public. Appeal to people that didn’t know who you were before. But all of this while staying true to who you are. Because that is key, nothing beats a credible, honest person. So fashion week is there twice a year, a time to really get connected and do exciting things. Change brings opportunity.

These photos we’re shot at sunset, early in the AM, we literally ran out in our PJs and started shooting. Wearing a Hanro nightgown, and basically not much more.

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