An early morning at The High Line Hotel in Chelsea, we had many of those throughout New York Fashion Week. In the craziness of the shows, presentations, events, meetings and projects, I loved calling this hotel “home” for the week. From the moment I walked into the majestic building, I knew we were gonna be great friends. It definitely felt homy and so cozy from the couches in the lobby to the desk and huge bed in our room. Which is very different from the “every room in the hotel looks the exact same” kind of vibe that I’m used to, The High Line Hotel has more character from the outside (it’s a converted 1865 redbrick dormitory) to the every detail on the inside with original stained-glass windows and pine floors. Basically exactly what you think you’ll get when booking a historic boutique hotel: I can highly recommend it, and I speak from some experience having stayed there for 9 consecutive nights. Just like the guy at the lobby said when I first arrived: I moved in! And I would again for sure, I wouldn’t mind have my Intelligentsia coffee (and the BEST banana bread) in bed every day before hopping on one of their Shinola bikes to get around time (you can take the girl out of Holland, but can’t take Holland out of the girl). So this is a thank you to The High Line Hotel, thanks for taking such great care of me and Ralph, thanks for handling my tons of packages, I’ll be back!!

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