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I’ve added quite the good amount of airmiles to my account last year, and this year will probably not be very different. So I’ve been getting some kind of routine when it comes to my skin and look before, during and after flying. I’ve mostly been hopping between the States and Amsterdam, long haul flights that require a certain amount of preparation for the skin, but also some treatment afterwards. When I fly I tend not to wear (a lot of) make-up. Afterwards, same thing: I don’t feel like putting a lot of effort into taking care of my face and hear – I just want to go-go-go. But I do tend to put the bare minimum in. Which means taking a shower as soon as I arrive to my destination and washing my hair and face, which mainly evolves around moisturizing.

I’ve been receiving a lot of beauty products in recent months and figured it would be fun if I started sharing my favorites every now and then, so you guys can get to know that side of me a little bit better as well. I’m no expert, by no means, but I do know what I do and don’t like. So back to where I began: my flight. After arriving in the hotel or at the apartment I’m staying in, I tend to take a shower. When it comes to using soap: I’ll use whatever is available. I never bring any soap or shower gel. I do bring my own shampoo usually, and recently brought these travel size I got from Net-a-Porter. Moisturizer for the hair, and as the tube states: “the couture” version of it. So that ought-a be good ay? My hair tends to get dry quite fast, which means it’s harder to style so I’m a firm believer in ALWAYS using conditioner in my ends. Afterwards I usually also put a little bit of oil (I love Maroccan oil) join there as well. Now I’m getting older (ok I always have been, but it’s starting to show now), I really need to start taking better care of my skin when it comes to wrinkles and lines. Yes it’s that time in my life, I’m using more products now than I ever have, but it’s very necessary.

After flying I love to give the skin around my eyes a little treat, it tends to get really dry is enriched with an innovative gold and silk complex to combat signs of aging. It’s seaweed and rosewater based, on the expensive side but I don’t really want to compromise on quality because of the price when it comes to taking care of my skin. I only have one and will have to deal with it for the rest of my life! I’ve noticed myself spending money on fashion, food and traveling solely, now it’s time to take care of myself physically aka finding the right products for me and working out.

As you guys know by now, I love to use Kiehl’s products, and the is one of my current faves for “fatigued skin”. Before putting on my make-up, a minimal amount but still, I use a primer. The gets me a glowy complexion and that’s what I’m going for after-flight (or anytime). It serves as the perfect base for the Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation, the ultimate solution for tired skin, revitalizing and throughout the day. It gives me the right amount of coverage without showing too much. Next up is a tiny bit of Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Lashes Mascara (plenty effect) and her “Ecstasy” blush that flatters and brightens the complexion. Just to look “healthy” after a long flight, you really don’t need to use loads. I’ve started using a liquid (yes your heard right) highlighter from Kevyn Aucoin, who I was not familiar with before, named to add a little finishing touch aka glow.

After that I just moisturize my lips with and spray a little perfume. The tester you can see above is a favorite from Byredo called .



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