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From left to right: STURM SPF 50 moisturizer, Dr. Goldfaden eye serum, Philosophy “time in a bottle” serum, Estee Lauder night time eye cream, Estee Lauder “advanced night repair” serum, Lilah B. facial mist, Jo Malone “Blackberry & Bay” and “Wood Sage & Sea Salt”

I have only properly been taking care of my skin in the past few years. Before I didn’t even use moisturizer (!), I was just “winging” it as they say. Lately, I’ve been trying to find the exact right product for my combination skin. Especially in times like a sun vacation, because the sun could really damage your skin. I want to protect and moisturize my skin at the same time, day and night. As a blogger I’m lucky enough to try multiple different products at home, and that makes my research for the perfect product so much easier (and cheaper). At the same time I don’t want to spend too much time on either my skincare regime or make-up routine. The more time spent outside enjoying life the better! So what I brought on my recent trip to France are the products pictures above. In the morning that meant the following after cleaning my face with micellar cleansing water. Applying my eye serum (in this case Dr. Goldfaden eye serum) and my Philosophy “time in a bottle” serum. I love the way my skin soaks up the latter so fast, so I can immediately apply my STURM SPF 50 moisturizer aka sunscreen for the day. To finish it off a few spritzes of Lilah B. facial mist, and Jo Malone “Blackberry & Bay” and “Wood Sage & Sea Salt” (I always wear both scents mixed to create something unique). At night I’ve used Estee Lauder night time eye cream (bye dark circles!) and Estee Lauder “advanced night repair” serum, which I both love so much. I forgot to bring a night cream this time so the above had to suffice.




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