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That summer blues: do you have it? It’s kind of like the winter blues, but obviously in summer time. It’s that time of the year where things seems to slow down somewhat, even noticeable when watching the news. Everyone is on holiday, in and out of the country. And if I speak for myself: it’s somewhat more quiet on my email, it takes a bit longer for people to reply. It’s usually like this in summer, which gives me more time do think about and do other stuff. Because there;s so much work throughout the year that just lays there, that I don’t have time for. From tiny maintenance tasks on my site, to content planning and finances.  It gives me time to think about where I want go, set new goals and make exciting plans! But having time to think also means other thoughts can cross my mind. Like: “Why am I doing what I’m doing?”, “What and who am I doing it for?”, “How do I see the future?” and “Is this what I really want?”. Time to overthink all of the above, both positive and negative, provides me with a renewed motivation for my professional and personal life. Taking risks from time to time never hurts, even if it ends up being the wrong choice. Because I decided I’d rather make that choice than sit and wait. So although my head is spinning, and I don’t know if what I’m going to do the next few months is going to be successful, I think I’ll do it anyway. Because I only life once and it’s my choice to be made – even if it ends up being a mistake, I’ll just learn from it and move on. In the end, for me all that matters is my loved ones, husband, friends and family in good health. It sounds corny, but it’s true. When I have one of those “summer blues” moments, that’s what I do: look at what I do have, and mainly who I do have. And that’s my priority in life. My man is, my family is and my friends are. They are what matters, and whatever I might contemplate about when it comes to my work, it comes in second. That’s how I downplay whatever is going on in my professional life, you can’t let it get to you. And although I’m still learning how to let go, not take it personal, it’s hard. But I’m trying, and I do have an amazing life, I got so lucky with those who are in my life! That’s it for now, my Sunday thoughts. This post became a bit longer than anticipated but sometimes I just need to get it out. Hope you’re having the best Sunday in the best company!


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