ganni-dungarees-suede-1triangl-bikini-top-1Wearing: Ganni dungarees, Triangl bikini top.


Top of the morning to you guys! Extremely exciting times these days! Not only did I get married to the love of my life a few months ago, I also made a bunch of decisions for the future. I just arrived back from New York, full of energy and inspiration. I had an amazing time (soon more about that), and can’t wait to be back in the (hot) city of my dreams again in just over a month. We just booked our overprices apartment in the West Village bordering Soho, and can’t wait to spend a few weeks in the city, living like locals – working from there. I was a “it’s now or never” kinda decision. “Why?” people keep asking us, “why not?” is our answer continuously. I think that’s our overal strategy in life, just doing things what we love for the sake of it. Not always because it makes sense or is the wisest decision in the world, just because we really want to! Because it is an adventure, and the experience only will make us “richer.” These pic, shot in Palm Springs, really capture how I feel right now: let’s strip it and just focus on the bare essentials. What do we really want? What do we really need? To enjoy it. Life is good!

PS. Happy birthday mommy!





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