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rebecca laureyrebecca laureyrebecca laureyrebecca laureyrebecca laureyrebecca laurey

How can wrong feel so right? The day we shot this look with the suede dress I was SO sick. I basically locked myself up in the bathroom all day because I couldn’t keep anything in. It was terrible. Straight after Coachella I caught some kinda bug, it probably was all the dust from the festival, that made me feel slightly off for a week and a half. I was sneezing and coughing, the whole shabam – I will not bore you with the details – and I guess my cold had poor effects on my immune system so I basically got sick again after almost recovering. Nothing we could do about that other than just trying to make the most of our time in New York while we still could. So as soon as I felt slightly better, I popped out of our hotel room wearing the one piece that could make me feel human and feminine: the suede dress.

It was love at first sight. This piece just works: the cut, the fabric, the color. It’s a classic piece that I’ll probably wear for years. I’m trying to focus more on quality pieces that will last, because in the end I’ll get so much more use out of them. This suede dress is pretty easy to combine when it comes to the color. It combiner with so much, I’d wear it with a white turtleneck, vintage tee, last top, checked shirt or just like that. Pairing it with sneakers during the day and a pretty heel or boots at night. It’s the perfect transition piece as well, I can see myself wearing it layered under a coat in the colder season just as I can see myself sporting when it’s full on Spring. Winning!

Happy first of June!

Tibi suede dress / Ganni lace dress / Senso shoes / Hermes bag




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