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I just got back from Mexico and I’m in withdrawal. Big time! It was the best holiday in such a long time, I can’t really name anything I didn’t like about it. The people, the food, the nature. I guess I didn’t really know what to expect other than what those who have been there told me. Or what I’ve seen on TV. My experience there was so different from what Mexico gets into the news for these days, obviously having to do with where we were geographically – I’m well aware of the danger that is so apparent, but I do think it’s also very important to emphasis the positive and beautiful side of this country. We were staying in a hotel near Cancun, a very touristic and safe place to go to. And gorgeous, did I mention that? We were basically at the beach every day, doing pretty much nothing. I really needed that. It made some things very clear for me, and created space in my head to think about my business and future. Because I stopped “running” for a week, I could really get to the essence of where I want to go. As my thoughts are still forming, I did take the first big step into a brighter future by buying a new camera. It should arrive this week and I’m so excited to start exploring our new gear – experimenting with the endless possibilities when we get to New York. I’m planning on making a few changes to my website here and there, my content and my focus. It’s just like with the general pre-conception people have about, for example, Mexico. My brother in law (who is from Mexico) told me that he was so excited to hear so many positive things about his home country. Because what he usually hears is so different from our story. You never know what to expect until you’re actually there. You don’t know whether you’re gonna love your choices in life until you make them. But the good thing is, when it comes to that, we can choose different, bigger, better. We can decide what is next, we can make a difference. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, their own experiences: don’t judge.


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