Tibi pants / By Malene Birger sequined top / Ganni shoes / Ganni jacket /vintage sunglasses

These pics were shot last weekend on the perfect day out and about in Brooklyn. It was the outfit I wore to the Tibi show, but since that show was on the coldest day of all fashion week, I decided to shoot it a bit later. We decided to venture out last Saturday and wander around the park, watch the sunset from the other side of the river – the sun setting “over” Manhattan was the most beautiful sight. Why have we never done that before? The weather was so amazing, it almost felt like Spring. Carefree, just enjoying New York and each other’s company. Not knowing that just two short days later I was packing for Los Angeles (!). I know I’ve been terrible at keeping this space updated over the past few weeks but basically I’ve had quite a lot on my plate and I’ve been a bit stressed about it. On Monday late afternoon I booked a last minute flight (booked at 7PM, my flight was at 7AM the next morning) to L.A. for the Vanity Fair x Oscar week. Pretty amazing, but also pretty hectic! More about that later… Basically this project got confirmed less that 24 hours before I had to be there, and with my schedule and the big time difference it’s been close to impossible to actually get some emails and blogposts done. So, I’m writing this blogpost while I’m on the plane back to New York, for my last week and a half in the city before 1,5 week in Amsterdam visiting family and friends. Time really flies, which is kinda sad and amazing at the same time. Excited to see everyone again, but not so much about leaving New York. It’ll only be for a short while, but still. Still obsessed!

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