rebecca laurey slip dress

By Malene Birger slip dress, Snowburner t-shirt, Adornmonde choker


Ok, bye now Amsterdam! I arrived in New York a few days ago and am loving every second I’m back in the city. It is hot our here, yeah, but oh-so-good! We our staying in a hotel right now, more about that soon (or check my Instagram to see where) and we’re checking into an Airbnb apartment on Tuesday – a little home away from home for the second part of our trip. I actually prefer to stay in apartments during my New York trips, especially when it’s fashion week. So I’ll have all the space to spray all my looks allover the apartment without bugging housekeeping. I’m a messy person, so I need space to do my messy thing. Especially since I don’t really plan ahead, I just dress to my mood (and the weather), so whatever I plan ahead – I will probably not wear it like that.


Ph. by Melody Lieftink, editing by me


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