mac russian red lipstisckWearing: MAC ‘Russian Red’ lipstick

Last week this make-up artist told me that I should definitely try a red lip more often. It would really complement my green/grey eyes so much she said, as well as my pale skin. As a beauty rookie, I’m not really aware of what’s out there or what could work for me. I just do what I think is right, but I do like it. It does interest me! Over in London I took her advice and tried the bright lip with really basic make-up on the rest of my face. It’s one or the other, just like in clothing. If it’s heavy on top, keep it simple below or the other way around. I was actually pretty surprised by how much I loved changing things up for a bit. It’s definitely not going to be an everyday thing for me, but when at fashion week we can go cross those lines. I love how my friend Zanita was doing the exact same, with a darker plum color. Because your make-up routine and results are as much a part of your outfit as your clothing is, it can really strengthen or tone down an ensemble. So note to self: trial and error, play around with beauty products a bit more. How much fun is that on a Sunday afternoon?

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