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red dress fashion blogger red dress fashion blogger red dress fashion blogger red dress fashion blogger red dress fashion blogger red dress fashion blogger red dress fashion blogger Wearing: Victoria Beckham dress, American Apparel socks, Reebok shoes, Renard watch.

How to wear your prom dress aka cocktail party ensemble aka high fashion piece during the day? Over the course of the next week I’ll show you my take on the matter in collaboration with The Outnet, your go-to website for bargain designer deals! It’s such a waste of money and clothing to save your evening wear for those special occasions only. Why not wear that DVF wrap dress to that meeting? Or your Helmut Lang maxi, just to make a statement? The easiest way to transform your evening wear to something suitable throughout the day is by pairing it with sneakers. In the look above I’ve added socks for that sporty and quirky extra touch. I wouldn’t usually see myself in a super feminine look like the one above, let alone wear bright red if there’s no special reason to. But hey, I’m in New York, and all for the YOLO thing, we only live once right? My first three tips for wearing that special dress not only to that special occasion:

  1. Pair it with sneakers. The easiest way to transform your evening look to something you’d wear during the day. Don’t worry about it not being in the same style category: it’s ok. We don’t have to do the matchy-matchy thing anymore! Playing with contrasts is always good, and this look is no exception on that rule.
  2. Wear a bright color. Whether that be in your clothing, shoes or on your lips. It’s so much more fun to step out of that monochrome world full of black an white every once in a while.
  3. Add a quirky touch. Because, why not. Dressing down your evening wear is key if you’d wanna make more use of it. In this case I worked with sporty socks with a vintage feel, but it could very well be a bandana on your head, neck or wrist. Also to take the main focus slightly off that dress or suit, that little distraction could just be what you need to dare to wear it.

I have loads more style tips up my sleeve, so stay tuned for more to come this weekend! In the meantime, let me know how you’d style your special dresses or skirts. So curious to hear what creative stuff you guys would come up with!

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