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Temperatures outside are slowly dropping, it gets dark earlier every day, the Christmas lights are lit – the city is getting in to winter wonder land mode rapidly! Strolling around our lovely Soho neighborhood, heading from store to store, diving into little cafes to warm up with a big cup of hot coco. The end of the year is now officially in sight, and as the big dates approach, we have little time left to find that special something for that special someone. I find the greatest joy in the giving as opposed to the receiving, but when it’s a beautiful and very thoughtful present, hitting “that spot” just right, it’s pretty amazing to be receiving as well – because above all you will feel the love! And then it’s not necessarily about the specific thing you get, or how expensive it is, the thought behind it is what matters. Finding that special something for your loved ones is hard though, and not always very obvious. Even if you spend all your time with one person, it’s hard to know exactly what it is they might want for the holidays. Do you go for something practical or something they’d never think to get for themselves? If anything, now’s the time to go for the personal gift, but what exactly could that be?

A personal gift could be anything from a beautiful bouquet of flowers to a box of gourmet treats, but in this case I’d love to talk jewelry – one of the most precious gifts to give or receive, and very personal too. Because diamonds are forever right? They celebrate the person that you are, for yourself and to your loved ones. Personally I’m a big fan of more dainty jewelry, for me it’s easier to wear and combine with my different looks on a daily basis. That’s why I loved working with Forevermark on this special #TributeToYou campaign with Ralph! Their new Forevermark Tribute™ Collection celebrates the unique and brilliant woman who wears it. The pieces can be worn individually, stacked or layered to reflect your individual style and character. When combined, the look features multiple diamonds, paying tribute to the many qualities that together make you the incredible woman you are. They symbolize your own distinct traits, or celebrate the many qualities of a woman you adore – whether that be your partner, mom, sister or friend. The collection is the perfect gift for someone special to celebrate a milestone, memorable occasion, or just because. It pays tribute to the individual characteristics, achievements and qualities of the woman wearing it.

And for those out there in doubt about which design would be the perfect one for the special women (or yourself!) in your life, Forevermark just introduced their “Forevermark Personal Shopper” to help you find your own special gift for the holidays. Go check it out here

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