fringe dressfringe dressfringe dressfringe dressfringe dressfringe dressfringe dressfringe dressfringe dressWearing: By Malene Birger dress, Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, Larsson & Jennings watch.


Our very last night of our very special trip to the States in April/May of this year. It started out with a couple of days in Dallas for a conference, followed by a week in New York, getting married, and another week in Los Angeles, before heading to Palm Springs to close it all off with a bang. We decided to drive around for a bit, checking out the beautiful neighborhoods Palm Springs has to offer. I could definitely see myself and Ralph have a holiday home there at some point. It’s such a great place to vacation! No wonder Leonardo DiCaprio has a place there (we drove past it, stalkers!), or Marilyn Monroe decades ago. We even saw the “Kaufmann house” from outside as photographed by Slim Aarons. Mister Aarons is one of my favorite photographers, I absolutely love the vibe in his work. We have one of his photographs at home, I got it for my birthday in Paris last year – obsessed. Anyway, right now I’m enjoying a few days in Amsterdam after a whirlwind trip to Ibiza and New York, before leaving for London twice over the next 1,5 week. Still can’t believe my luck! Being able to travel for work is the best, although it obviously has it downsides too (like missing my husband’s birthday :(), and it makes me appreciate my time and the people at home even more. My friend Zanita is in town again, which makes me extra excited about being in Amsterdam for a week. Over the next week I’ll be sharing some of my recent travels. Can’t wait to show you what I’ve been doing!




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