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Everything is the new black. Maybe I should rephrase: pink lipstick is the new red. I know it may seem like the (non) color black is replaced by something else every season, but I do feel like pink is have a peak these days. Some of my friends, who swore they’d never wear pink, are sporting the color now. Sometimes we have to get used to the idea, or the combination, before we can confess we jumped ship. It’s definitely happening with pink. In this case, it’s not related to clothing, but to beauty products. I think I might even dare to say I prefer pink lipstick over red (don’t judge). And my newest Dior perfume is the closest thing to a new go-to perfume I’ve had in a while.

We shot this post in the bathroom of our suite at the Westhouse hotel in New York. I loved staying there! I have this thing about bathrooms, it’s the very first thing I check out (seriously, before jumping on the bed) when I enter a new hotel room. So it’s convenient when your bathroom is #goals. And this one was for sure! It had Instagram written all over it, all marble everything. So no better place to shoot this mini beauty post than the bathroom.

Apart from the bathroom, the Westhouse hotel also had some other features I loved. Biggest plus was the complimentary food they serve throughout the day: breakfast on the rooftop, a high tea in the afternoon, dinner bites and drinks in the lobby when the evening starts. Pretty much #goals all over it, and then I didn’t even mention the view from the rooftop on the 23rd floor. New York for me is definitely a concrete jungle where dreams were made of. And no better place to look out of the bustling city than uptown, in-between the skyscrapers. With my 1.80M I feel quite small on moments like that – I guess everything is relative. Can’t wait to be back (pretty soon, yay)!


Christian Dior La Colle Noire perfume (via SAKS) / Burberry “full kisses” lipstick in nude blush / & Other Stories shoes


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