renard-watch-fashion-blogger-6renard-watch-fashion-blogger-3renard watchrenard watchrenard watchrenard watchWearing: Topshop Unique top (alternative here), Topshop dress (on sale!), Reebok shoes, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Jimmy Choo bag (different version here), Renard watch.

The day before the fashion week madness started off, Ralph and I decided to take a day off and venture out of the city. New York is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but also very intense. So a little break and a new adventure were very welcome changes in our week. We took the bus to Philadelphia to explore this city full of history. It’s only a 2-hour bus ride away, so easy! It wasn’t my first time in the city though, I’ve been to Philly once before when one of my best friends was living there. So basically it was good to be back. The vibe in Philadelphia is quite different from New York, but I find it hard to point out how exactly. It’s less busy for sure, no doubt about that, I guess it’s more of an “attitude” thing. The sweltering temperatures of 35 degrees celsius forced me to wear only the necessary clothing, without adding too many extras. A casual denim dress and tee paired with one of my go-to bags here in The States. And then that watch. We need to talk about that for a little bit. Because I never really was a watch kinda girl, and in some ways I’m still not. I don’t really use is how I should: to tell me what time it is. I just use is as a statement accessory in my looks. I have an ever growing collection, but this Renard watch is a new favorite. The popping color makes every outfit just that little bit more exciting. And it’s quite affordable too, so you don’t have to bend over backwards to get your hands on it. I love that! I think fashion should be accessible and affordable to everyone. accommodation There’s no harm in indulging every once in a while either, but how much fun is it when you just found that great “bargain”?

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