paris tuileriesparis eiffel towerparis streets rainbow paris tuileriesla dureerooftops tibi sweaterparis bridgeparis operaparis clockparis eiffel towerlyric hotel parisparis restaurantparis streetstyleparis restaurantparis tuileriesParis is always a good idea. I love going to the city of lights, and even more so during fashion week. The city has something magical, and every single street makes the perfect location to shoot. So after showing what I was wearing, and what the fashionable people around me were wearing, I wanted to show a bit more of the city itself. It’s just too easy not too. From the old city centre, to the majestic buildings and the tiny brasseries on every corner, I have tried to see that as well, next to all the shows and meetings I was attending. I’ve been walking around (in flats!) instead of taking a taxi or the metro, as luckily, during fashion week, everything is quite close together – so it doesn’t really take up much more of your time. Although, my schedule was quite full, so I didn’t get to enjoy the city as much as I wanted to. Some highlights must not go unseen though: the Eiffel Tower, Opera building, the Tuileries, the Louvre amongst others – and obviously Laduree. Spending way too much on way too few macaroons is sort of a tradition for me, I always bring some back home. Because food is such a big part of the French culture, this place can’t be missed. And what’s better than a sweet treat after a hectic day? Back in my beloved Amsterdam, reflecting on the days that lay behind me, I’m dead tired but also very happy and content with how things went down. After London and Paris this season, I’m looking forward to a few weeks of getting back in my regular routine. No street style photographers around, no heels in the muddy park or less than 4 hours sleep 5 days in a row. Still sad that it’s already over though, and that we have to wait another 6 months until we can go again. Luckily we still have the photos, and we’ll always have Paris.

A special big thanks to the Lyric Hotel, who made our stay very convenient and comfortable. I love the views from our hotel room high up above! The big and stylish rooms were the perfect addition to our flashy fashion week trip!

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