tommy-hilfiger-sweater-3tommy hilfiger sweater tommy hilfiger sweater tommy hilfiger sweater tommy hilfiger sweater tommy hilfiger sweater

Gigi x Tommy Hilfiger oversized sweater / Vintage Levi’s jeans / Ganni shoes / Ray-Ban sunglasses

I always wanted to be a 90s baby. And I guess I sort of am. Although born in the 80s, I basically grew up in the 90s. So I saw my mom wearing the real mom jeans and oversized sweaters – accompanied by the big hair. She didn’t wear the flatforms though, my “Spice Girl” shoes as I call them. So retro, yet so 2016 and so me. I love taking inspiration from what has been. Why change a winning team, hah? I thought so. Anyway, this look was actually my travel look flying in to New York. I just got the sweater the day before leaving, so I figured I might as well just wear it straight away. I’m that kinda girl, if I’m really excited about something I want to put it on before even leaving the store (or apartment). Or wear the new shoes and put my “old” ones in the box of the newly purchased pair. As I’m slowly transitioning into my Spring wardrobe, I’m in desperate need of a big closet clean-out. Living out of a suitcase for a couple of months in the past half year, I learned how to make the most of a smaller amount of stuff. I don’t actually need those 20 blazers or 80 t-shirts, now do I? So my plan, when I get back to Amsterdam, is to keep everything I love, statement sweaters like the one above, and get rid of all that I don’t wear (enough). Making someone else happy with that dress that has been hiding in my closet for so long, instead of dusting it off every once in a while – deciding I’ll wear it “someday”. No more! I’d rather have someone else enjoying the piece than me forgetting about it. Clothes are there to be worn. And that’s just what they’ll do.


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