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Tommy Hilfiger top, pants and shoes, Jimmy Choo sunglasses, Chanel bag


It was the second day of New York Fashion Week, one of the warmest day (I was melting in these pants and the long sleeved shirt), shooting my outfit with the last light before heading off to the Tommy show. It was a spectacle! Maybe you’ve seen the livestream here on my blog, or perhaps you’ve seen the images on Instagram. The brand basically blocked out an entire pier to make it a Tommy pier, full of theme park festivities. The collection was nothing really new I guess, but I don’t think that’s necessarily what Tommy is striving for. It;s all very wearable and quite commercial, and I personally saw some really strong pieces that really resonate with my style. But then the show… I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it, such a cool experience. You could buy most of the pieces (including the Gigi x Tommy collection) straight off the runway, something that more and more brands are opting for during fashion week. We no longer have to wait at least 6 months to get our hands on the items, something I’m both excited and a bit sad about at the same time. Because I sort of love seeing those collections on the runway a season before I can actually buy it, dreaming of what I want to have – and then the excitement when I finally have it. At the same time it’s fun to immediately use that enthusiasm at the show to buy what you’ve just seen.

I already got lucky and scored one of the items from the Gigi collection, while it’s too warm it just yet, I’m excited to look at it for now. So I guess I’m somewhere in-between that buying off the runway and waiting to wear it kind of stage.


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