rebecca-laurey-fashion-blogger-wynwood-miamirebecca-laurey-fashion-blogger-wynwood-miamirebecca-laurey-fashion-blogger-wynwood-miamirebecca-laurey-fashion-blogger-wynwood-miamirebecca-laurey-fashion-blogger-wynwood-miamirebecca-laurey-fashion-blogger-wynwood-miamiPull & Bear velvet dress, Chiara Ferragni Collection boots, H&M earrings, Celine sunglasses, Claris Virot bag


You know those outfits, that if you don’t know what to wear – and the weather allows it – you want to wear over and over again? Because you know you love it and feel comfortable in it? That’s basically what this loo with the velvet dress is for me. During my trip to the States I’ve worn the outfit with the velvet dress a couple of times, and before that also when I was in South Africa. And I don’t care that I might be breaking fashion rules or whatever. I want to wear what I feel like and when that’s a repetition of what I’ve worn before – so be it. I think it’s good to show that everyone has their favorites that they’ll continue to wear. Otherwise it would be a waste of the clothing as well no? I’m trying to be so selective of what products I accept as gifting, and barely buy stuff myself (what I do buy are sunglasses or vintage clothing). Just because I think I need to minimize more and more, also with our big move in mind, I simply can’t keep it all. And I don’t want to pack up clothing that I’ll most likely not wear again. So I’m giving away a bunch to friends, family and charity. I sell the more expensive items. Closets clean outs are my life right now haha!

Anyway, this look, an obvious favorite, was shot in Wynwood. After going to Miami a couple of times, I never really saw anything but South Beach and the Ultra festival grounds. So this time Ralph and I decided we needed to change that and venture out. Wynwood was high on my list for all the obvious reasons, and yeah it was touristic but the artwork is simply AMAZING. And the perfect backdrop for our little shoot, no?




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