escada coat
escada coatescada coatescada coatescada coatescada coatescada coatEscada coat / Citizens of Humanity overall / Meli Melo bag / Ganni shoes /Vintage sunglasses

Orange is the new black? If I have to believe Netflix it is. Love the TV series! Anyway, this post is not about that, obviously. This week is about FASHUN! Because this was one of the looks I wore to the shows last week. I would easily sport it after the events too, it’s really “me”. And I think that is the key to street style during fashion week. Wear something that is really you. Because only then you will feel comfortable and in the end that is what counts. The denims you can see are actually part of overalls I got in when I arrived, I will show you guys more details soon. The sunglasses are vintage and my best buy over the past month for sure. It’s not about how much you spend on something, it’s about how much you actually like the piece and will use it. Whether is a multi thousand dollar bag (probably not for me) or something you found in the little boutique around the corner for 20 bucks. I tend not to value materialistic things too much (I know, bad blogger) because in the end they’re just things and replaceable. Over the next year I want to try to shift my attention a bit more to what’s actually out there instead of what I can buy. That’s one of the intentions I’ve set for myself, it’s the experience that counts.

PS. Happy birthday daddy, so sad I can’t be there today!


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