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The Arrivals bomber jacket, ONU top and shorts

It’s getting cold really fast. The changing seasons got me thinking about a couple of things: a wardrobe update, getting rid of some older clothing and last but not least a little vacay. Tackling them in chronological order: a new season means a change in my wardrobe, obviously. The knits are coming back from the attic, and so are my winter coats. Apart from a new season weather wise, it’s also a new season fashion wise, so I generally “update” what I already have with a bunch of new stuff. And with new items coming in, I need to make space in my closets to actually store them. Also known as the big closet clean out! I actually did one last week and it feels so good! And then vacation… With the temperatures dropping fast I can only think about beaches and margaritas these days. Summer is my favorite season, and I’m quite bummed we only get to experience it a small part of the year (at least here in Northern Europe).

Where all of the above comes together is my trans-seasonal wardrobe. Those items I can wear all year round. Like this black polkadot ONU long sleeve cover-up and laser lace shorts. I can easily see myself sporting this casual ensemble in Cape Town in a couple of weeks (YES! We finally booked our flights!), but the challenge lays in wearing your obviously “summer” clothing throughout the year. Yes, you can add tights, but I’m not a big fan of that, so I decided to add over-knee boots. The winter version of this outfit so to say! It’s so simple! Add a t-shirt underneath the long sleeve and a warm jacket on top and you’re good to go! It’s just a waste not to wear those more summery items the rest of the year, right? I thought so!

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