calvin-klein-top-3calvin-klein-top-7calvin-klein-top-2calvin-klein-top-4calvin-klein-top-6calvin-klein-top-5Calvin Klein neoprene top / H&M bottoms

Today, in exactly one week I’ll be off to get some of this again. How lucky am I? I’m going to Key West with one of my besties and we’re planning on having THE best time. I’m so excited! Mexico in January was amazing but way too short. Back then I didn’t know I’d be going back to the Caribbean sea so soon after. So no time like today to look back at my previous trip no? I have a bunch more of Mexico and New York post coming up, but I want to post them when I think they’re relevant to share. Expect some Amsterdam in-between as well! It basically has to do with a mix on collaborations (last-minute) and some extra content we shot just for the fun of it. We’ve been getting the hang of the new camera lately, and seem to enjoy shooting so much more. Sometimes it feels like something that I have to do because I need to update frequently, instead of something that I want to do. And it shouldn’t be like that! I started blogging because I love fashion and traveling and love sharing that passion with people that are like-minded. I never expected for it to become a quite serious business, so I guess that does change something but definitely shouldn’t change the core of what I’m doing! I felt a bit off lately, for no particular reason (I guess almost everyone has that occasionally) but starting to get back to just that, what I really want to do and that’s creating great content. Sponsored or not, but always because I want to share that certain something. And that’s how it’s supposed to be no?

So coming back to this post. I know it’s a bit more sexy than you guys might be used to from me, but in the light of Internation Women’s Day, I figured nothing shows femininity as feeling good in your skin. Whether that is actually showing some or covering it up. It doesn’t matter, it’s really up to us, independent women, to decide what we feel like doing.

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