We have been experimenting with our new camera a lot lately, trying to get the hang of our new gear. Switching from Nikon to Canon, so primarily Ralph needs to learn how everything works all over again. Fortunately he’s a natural, so expect loads of cool content coming up. I’m not the best photographer, I usually do all the editing. I’m very eager to start exploring that area a bit more, have a bunch of tutorial videos waiting for me on my desktop. Now all I need to do is find some time to watch them and try those tricks out. Anyway, I figured it’s also fun to share content here that’s not all me-me-me. Because my life is so much more than fashion.

As you guys know I have quite the crush on my second home New York. So this post is dedicated to the city, and the awesome sights it has to offer. Now I’ve been spending more and more time here, I’m really starting to feel like home. I know my way around, have a group of friends and my own routine from our Airbnb apartments. With Ralph by my side basically everywhere feels like home. We work from home (this might change soon!) so we can basically function anywhere with a good wifi connection. I really feel the urge to show my best friends and parents what I love about being here as soon as possible. Some of them have never been, and I’d love to show them around. Because as much as NYC is starting to feel like home, my home is also where my heart is. That’s basically the one thing missing. I guess that’s just how it works, when you start living abroad. You can’t have it all. Currently not even really missing Amsterdam apart from the fact that I miss those that I care about. I wish I could bring everyone here and we could all build our new lives here. But I guess that would be too much to ask, no? It also has a charm of its own though, discovering a “new” home and getting to know all these interesting new people. It really enriches my life!

Anyway, tomorrow it is time to say goodbye, I’m leaving for Amsterdam. I’ll be back in the States within two weeks though, so not much to mourn about. Then it’s back to Amsterdam for another week and hopefully back to NYC by the end of March or beginning of April. SO EXCITED! #letsgetthoseairmiles

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