india-mumbai-travels as soon as it all commenced, it is over already. I’m in Singapore as we speak, and looking back at these pics, some I shot just a couple of days ago, I’m already starting to feel a bit nostalgic. It was such an insanely cool experience, I feel so lucky to be able to visit these places with my boy, while he is touring different parts of the world for his “job”. After Bangalore and Indore, where he performed, we arrived back in Mumbai to do some sightseeing for two more days. Luckily we had the most amazing tour guide, showing us around his hometown like he did that every day. So kind, I’ve never experienced similar treatments to the ones we got in India. But I must say, it feels really good to be here as well. Different, but good.

The photos above speak for themselves I guess, sorry to “bore” you with more of these more cultural typed images for once, but that’s a side of me too. I have a masters degree in History, which most of you probably didn’t know, so these interests come naturally for me… Back to outfits really soon. I promise! Oh, and happy 1st of March… Time is flying (and spring is coming)!

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