rebecca laureyrebecca laureyrebecca laureyrebecca laureyrebecca laureyOh New York… Stealing my heart every single time, all over again. Although the city is starting to feel like home, I always get this rush of excitement in my body when I’m walking around there. It’s just a special place. And I’ve been spending a lot of time out there the past year. It’s just been a little over a year that Ralph and I decided to just “try” New York out for a bit longer, starting with a month. To see if we could make it work, starting to set up a professional network and hang out with our friends. Since we decided to take that risk (of spending a lot of money without a return – apart from a great time), I’ve been to New York  six times, spent a total of just over 4 months in the city. And then I’m not even counting my time in Key West or on the West Coast. Is it too obvious? I really LOVE New York and with the amount of new friends I gained over the past year, the opportunities I get while out there, I really feel like it would make sense to officially start thinking of that making the move. A bunch of people already think I live there (which officially isn’t true since I don’t have an apartment in the city, and I do in Amsterdam), so… What do you guys reckon? Do or don’t?

Rika Studios t-shirt and skirt, Converse shoes, Asos reclaimed vintage sunglasses, Hermes bag




Ph. by Zanita, editing by me

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