Just like the title reads: meet my new BFFS, Best Friends For Styling or Best Friends Forever(s). Fresh out of Paris I’m presenting you the the cutest little backpack (that you can easily wear as a normal top handle bag too) and my new boots, both from Chloe found on CarreCouture. I first got familiar with this high curated e-commerce website this summer. They have all the cool brands, with a smaller, curated collection each. Which makes it so much easier finding gems, since there’s no overload of products – but more than enough to choose from to have some versatility. I’m very much into these two pieces just because of the latter, the color just works perfectly in my Fall wardrobe and beyond. I can imagine wearing the items in many different looks, from fashion week chic to casual Becks in New York real soon. I think that it’s key to being able to see yourself wear the designer pieces you splurge on in many different ways, so they get enough use aka a good cost per wear ratio. So merci Chloe for making these beautiful pieces, and merci beaucoup CarreCouture for decking me out in them during Paris Fashion Week! Such great finds!


Stella McCartney trench coat, Joseph sweater, Re/Done skirt, Chloe bag and boots via CarreCouture

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