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Sometimes you just need a little color in your life! I can’t believe I’ve gone years without any of it in my outfits. Just black and white, and the occasional blue. Blue, in this case, meaning the sickest Ksenia Schneider jeans that are finally mine after being on their way for months. I first got to know the brand because Zanita was wearing the jeans last fashion week season in London. I borrowed her pair of shorts and the rest is history. I guess it’s a little love story on its own. The jeans are the perfect statement piece to wear with a simple tee and any kind of shoes. And you’ll know by now that a combo like that is right up my sleeve. Fashion week goes normal life, something like that. And the Loewe scarf, I mean, do I even need to explain. It’s so colorful it’s almost offensive and I love it! How about you?





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