Llandudno Beach South Africa

Llandudno Beach Is by far my favourite place in Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve been coming here for years and its become my home away from home. It isn’t a tourist area and doesn’t have any commercial activities like shops or attractions. Actually, this residential area is known as the wealthier part of town as it holds some of the most expensive houses in Cape Town. 

The best part about Llandudno is its private beach, which is not accessible to tourists and is therefore fairly quiet. The scenery is breathtaking, with white sands surrounded by large granite boulders and overlooked by the mountains. The sea can be a little rough sometimes and the water temperature is only good during the warmer summer months. However, it is an extremely popular surfing spot due to the strong waves which is something I love to do when I visit. Another thing I tend to look forward to is the amazing sunrises and sunsets which makes for a very romantic setting. 

The beach does have some features for its residents including a pub, which is a great place to sip down a mango mojito and enjoy live entertainment from their bandstand. There’s an ice cream stand for the warm afternoons and you can ride donkeys on the edge of the water! Another thing I tend to look forward to is the long beach walks while watching the amazing sunrises and sunsets, which makes for a very romantic setting. One tip and a strong one at that: DO NOT FEED THE SEAGULLS. EVER. On that note, I absolutely love Llandudno Beach and I hope to visit again in the near future!

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