Self Portrait top and skirt, Chanel bag, Nike shoes, Stella McCartney sunglasses


Ahhhh… Already my last outfit from New York, or already, it’s October 16th so I’ve been back exactly one month today. Time flies! And personally I have some exciting stuff happening early next month! Last weeks of preparations before something we’ve been looking forward to for 1,5 year now. Without sharing too much (I know, so sneaky!), let’s go back to what you came here for.. Ze fashun! This outfit just screams summer, a season than seems so far away already. Bare arms and legs what? No jacket, huh? Fortunately we still have the photos! The outfit I’m wearing here is from one of my favorite designers, Han, from Self Portrait, the brand I also wore on my wedding day here, here and here. It kinda has a special place in my heart!


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