The next ting on the agenda is Mother’s Day and I’m always excited for this one. I love the fact that society sets aside a whole day to celebrate the women who raised us. They support us through thick and thin and have always been there to help. Also, They’re a vital part of our upbringing and who we’ve become as people. This day is all about appreciating everything they’ve given up for us and in exchange we often like to give a little something to show how much we care. Here are a couple of handy gift tips that won’t hurt the wallet. 


Picture Book: A book filled with all of the amazing memories and unforgettable moments is the perfect give to reminisce about good experiences you’ve had with your mom. It is personal, sentimental and unique, which makes it extra special as it caters specifically to her. If you’re not a crafty person, the exact same concept is also available in a digital version.

Cacti – or any other house plant: I have a slight obsession with cacti. They’re affordable, low maintenance, and are THE ultimate decorative piece. I have them all over my apartment and its just the perfect gift for any occasion really. However, these prickly plants aren’t for everyone  which in that case I would opt for any other green house plant!

Kitchen Utensils: For all the cooking and baking moms out there, kitchen utensils are always a great gift. You could go for anything that you think she’ll use the most depending on her cooking style. Every time she uses it, she’ll be reminded of you. However, you could also make it a little more personal, like an engraved tea cup set perhaps. 

Candle Holder with Scent Chips: This is one of the newest trends, or an upgrade if you will, from scented candles. The set contains a candle holder in which you place the candle light and a box full of scent chips of your choice. Place one of these chips atop the holder, which will melt due to the candle light and spread a subtle aroma throughout the room. There are countless scents to choose from but I will always vouch for Vanilla!

Mani – Pedi Gift Voucher: This beauty treatment combo is the perfect gift as every woman needs to be pampered once in a while. She can make an appointment based on her own schedule and its a feminine gift, which I believe to be appropriate as we are celebrating women in particular.

Movie Tickets: Take your mom to go see a movie! You can’t go wrong with this gift and it’s the perfect opportunity to spend some time together. 

Just a quick reminder: It’s not about the gift, but about the amount of effort you put in and the time you spend with your her. Make sure to really appreciate every moment you have with your Mama and let her know she’s loved! 

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