rebecca laurey

Realisation Par dress, Bulgari bag

New York days… I miss them! Just a few more weeks until I’m back, I can’t wait. Although I’m not in Copenhagen right now, like I usually am for fashion week, I can definitely feel we’re about to get to that time of the year again. For now I’m just planning on attending New York, as we got a move coming up in October – it seems wise to focus on that, but who knows. With what I do my plans can change on the very last minute, so we’ll see when we get a bit closer to the dates. Anyway, this was shot in my fave neighborhood in New York: the West Village. One day, and for now still in my dreams, we’ll be living there. But again, things seem to change on the very last minute so who knows where I end up and when. For now it looks like it’s gonna be France – Stockholm – New York – Amsterdam – New York in the next 1,5 month. What are your plans? Anything exciting coming up?

Ph. by Zanita, editing by me


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